Working with Employers

Strengthening employees’ financial security and improving retirement savings outcomes is a top priority for many employers — at NARPP it is our singular mission. 

By becoming a member of NARPP you are not only supporting a non-profit whose mission is to help your employees plan for financial security, you’ll also be taking an important step towards strengthening your employees’ trust, engagement, and loyalty. 

Join the hundreds of employers who have become members of NARPP including:

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Missouri State Employees’ Retirement System

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Basic Membership:


NARPP strives to make our services universally accessible to employers and their employees. We are pleased to make the following programs and services available for no fee.


Full use of NARPP’s website including tools


NARPP Membership Insignia

For more information or to become a member email us.

Premium Membership:

(Fee based on number of employees)

Premium Members have exclusive access to NARPP’s suite of proprietary programs and services that have been developed and designed to help employees build long-term financial security. These programs have been developed in conjunction with our academic advisors and behavioral finance experts and include a wide-range of materials. 

Collectively we call this program “The Better Savings Project”, which includes the following:


NARPP’s Participant FELT™ Study, a profile of leading recordkeepers impact on participant savings behavior and savings outcomes.

This comprehensive study with over 5,000 participants was designed to answer the question of what are the key factors that influence savings behavior and savings rates.

The FELT™ score is the first standardized metric to evaluate how well recordkeepers are engaging and educating their plan participants, the level of trust that participants have in the recordkeeper, as well as corresponding participants’ financial literacy and rates of deferral.

This study was developed in collaboration with NARPP and professors at Stanford University


Full data set and report.


NARPP’s Plan Sponsor Trust & Confidence™ Study, a profile of leading recordkeepers. In 2014, NARPP launched a study on plan sponsors’ levels of trust and confidence in their recordkeepers. Specifically, the study sought to answer three vital questions: (1) who are the most trusted recordkeepers, (2) why does trust matter, and (3) how is trust created or destroyed.

This study was developed in collaboration with NARPP and professors at Stanford University


Full data set and report.


NARPP’s Financial Education and Information Content Library, a collection of simplified engaging communications pieces that transform difficult to understand concepts into easily understood messages. Content can be used on employers’ site and in printed materials.


PDF’s of content for use digital or print format.


NARPP’s Financial Knowledge Quiz© is a simple, easy-to-execute assessment tool developed to establish a baseline of financial understanding. It can be used to benchmark, measure improvement, and target educational support.


Four webinars annually covering various topics related to improving engagement, saving rates and other related topics.


Opportunities to work with NARPP’s research lab to participant in developing and testing new behavioral interventions.


The NARPP Membership insignia 

For more information on Premium Membership email us.